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(Usually it is not imposed when the total price is below a certain threshold.)
The typical procedure is that the backer pays these fees to the delivery company personnel when receiving the product.
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Safari-Dual Mini $15USD
Safari-Dual Standard $35USD
Safari-Dual Standard Japanesque $35USD
Safari-Dual Large $50USD
Safari-Dual Large Wood framed $80USD

GoRoGo Mini $15USD
GoRoGo Standard $28USD
GoRoGo Large $48USD
GoRoGo Large Wood framed $78USD

YONMOQUE Standard $25USD
YONMOQUE Japanesque $35USD
YONMOQUE Wood Framed $70USD
YONMOQUE Wood Framed Special $120USD

ACTOP Standard $38USD
ACTOP Professional $70USD
ACTOP Professional+Labyrinth board $80USD
ACTOP Professional+yin-yang twins board $82USD
ACTOP Additional Labyrinth+yin-yang twins boards set $23USD

Kings Valley Mini $15USD
Kings Valley Standard $30USD
Kings Valley Japanesque $40USD
Kings Valley Large $50USD
Kings Valley Wood framed $80USD

e-SOLO-e Japanesque $28USD
e-SOLO-e Moon-Sun-Angel $28USD
e-SOLO-e Nekoten $28USD
e-SOLO-e Hachikou $28USD
e-SOLO-e Semi Custom Order $40USD

Sky Scrapers $40USD
Tallest Standard $25USD
Tallest Large $40USD
Cat Town $40USD
Duel Line $40USD
6 Buildings $40USD
Illegal Building $45USD

3andC $30USD
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