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News Information 16/Jan/2016
We suggest Print and Play to know the fun of e-SOLO-e.
You don’t have to print a board. All you must prepare is one wood tip and two colors of 16 dice.
Bigger dice are better for easy playing. Wooden board is good for spinning to look at from five angles.

You use 1, 2, 3 dots three faces of die and other three faces are sealed with color stickers.
You draw 1 x 5 squares on the board with magic marker.

Then you finished all preparation. Let’s enjoy playing.
We are sure you could find the fun and attractiveness of e-SOLO-e.

e-SOLO-e Rules

“e-SOLO-e” (絵揃) is a Japanese word that means "match symbols".
The goal is to make the same symbol in-a-row.

One ceramic tile board and 16 hand crafted wooden cubes delivered in a solid card box.
Box size is 7 x 14 x 3 cm (2.7 x 5.5 x 1.2 in) and weight is 230 grams.
Ceramic board size is 6 x 13 x 1 cm.
Wooden cube size is 1.8 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm each.

【Number of Players】: Two

【Play time】: 5 ~ 20 minutes

【Board】: 1 x 5 squares board

【pieces and starting position】:
Each player has their own 8 color cubes. There are symbols printed on three faces of the cubes. The other three faces are blank. There no cubes on the board at start of the game.

Players take turns and make one move at a time. Each player alternately places one cube on any square or on a cube already placed. Each cube must be played with a symbol face-up.
Cubes can be placed up to 3 stories (storeys) high except that a player can place a cube at 4 stories (storeys) high on the final winning play.

There are three ways to win the game.
Method One
To make 4 in-a-row with the players own color regardless of the symbols: either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Method Two
To make 4 in-a-row with the same symbol regardless of the pieces' color: either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Four Symbols in-a-row disregards which player's pieces make up the 4 pieces.
Method Three
To make two sets of 3 in-a-row with the same symbol regardless of the pieces' color: either horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You must create two sets of 3 in-a-row at a time.

Additional Details:
● Even a player can only create one 3 in-a-row set, he can’t win immediately but it will be his advantage. If it contains a majority of his own color cubes (2 or 3), he can win the game at his next turn by making an additional 3 in-a-row.
● You recognize 3 or 4 in-a-row from 5 angles which are; front side, back side, left side, right side and upper side. You must always evaluate sets from five angles and when you look at from left, right and upper angle, you count the cubes them without regard to their horizontal or vertical level.

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