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"Design SHOGI" re-designed Japanese SHOGI

SHOGI is one of most popular Japanese strategy board games, a kind of chess game. And which pieces are designed by Japanese KAIJI charactors. Kanji indicate own different directions to be moved. But this is why Japanese SHOGI is not popular for foreigners. It is very difficult to understand Japanese KANJI charactors and remember the different directions of piece's moves.
So I re-designed pieces with directionable icon characters. So even for foreigners and beginers it is easier to play the game.

more information in japanese about Design SHOGI and Le SHOGI. click here!

Traditional Japanese SHOGI

Design SHOGI

traditional SHOGI Design SHOGI
Board design
Traditional board is very simple with no decoration. But it is departed 3 areas with 3 lines in the rules. One is own area, another side is opponent area, and center is neutral area.
Then new board is designed to divide 3 areas, and center area is checkered. So board will change colorful and designable, and is suitable to rules.
new designed pieces with directinable icon charactors
above : front(starting) surface, bottom : reverse(promoted) surface
Design SHOGI pieces
Pieces design
Pieces' re-design is very difficult works, because traditional pieces have 4 specialities.
1 is they are no difference with own pieces and opponent. Because we can re-use the taken opponent pieces as own ones.
2 is They can be known the piece is own or opponent on the board. Traditional pieces are cleared which shape is uneven pentagon.
3 is reverse side icons show both starting and promoted values. Because when we re-use the taken pieces we must put them starting values.
4 is eight kind of pieces have different directions to be moved.
Traditional pieces are cleared these complex issues to use Japanese KANJI letters. But players must remember all functions which KANJI letters have. This is uneasy task even for Japanese.
Design SHOGI pieces are printed directinable icon charactors. They let us free from memories of piece's moving directions. Small round color mark indicates the piece's own and opponent. Starting charactors are printed gray out on the promoted side, so we can know the starting value to watch on promoted side.

Shogi's explanations and rules in English site

explanation video on YouTube

products information

Design SHOGI $180 USD

materials board:ceramic tile, pieces:ceramic tiles, box:paper
size board:298*298*8mm, pieces:26mm-round, box:315*315*30mm
weight 2600g
price(tax free) $180 USD
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