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"Skips" is a race game . 2 players move pieces from own side to opponent side each other by turn. Each pieces are printed different number's dots 1,2,3. And player can move a piece to dot's number blank space skipping othe piece(s) on the board. But you can not stop on the space same number of piece's dots. The winner is the first player who moves 3 pieces to opponent side. Or the player can not move on the board is looser.
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Rule of Skips

Object: To move all own 3 pieces to the opponent side.

Number of Players: Two

Starting position: No pieces are on the board.

Pyayers have 3 pieces earch other and they are printed different number dots. Player can move any one of 3 pieces by turn to same number blank spaces as dot's number skipping other pieces on the board. But he can not stop the piece on the space same as dot's number. Only pieces can arrive at justly opponent side and are up.

PROHIBITION: No one can pass the take.

The winner is the first player who moves 3 pieces to opponent side up. Or the player can not move piece(s) on the board is looser.

products information

Skips-New $25 USD

materials board:ceramic tile, pieces:ceramic tiles, box:paper
size board:98*198*5mm, pieces:20mm-round, box:110*210*20mm
weight 310g
price(tax free) $25 USD
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