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Home Made Game

home-made-game15: Trio walk

This is solo game to move your three pawns to goal according to dice pips.

Preparation: You need a paper for board, two dice and three pawns.

Setting up: Place your trio pawns at start area.

Play: Cast two dice and move your piece(s) according to dice pips. You can choice one of below actions.

1: Move any two pawns according to each two dice pips. One goes two spaces and another goes five spaces.
2: Move any one pawn according to sum of two dice pips. One goes seven spaces.
3: Move any one pawn according to balance of two dice pips. One goes three spaces

Goal: You can stop your pawn at goal area when it goes to goal area justly. You must go back exceed spaces.

How many casting the dice can you move your three pawns to goal?
Three times casting goal is perfect!

I am sure you can enjoy dice luck control strategy. If you play with 2 players from opposite side, you can enjoy race game as same as backgammon. You need some rule adjustment for two players.

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