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Ancient Construct Tower of the Philosopher

ACTOP was received an award of "Good-Toy 2017". It is a cellection by Tokyo Toy Museum.

ACTOP - a game of strategy, balance and action, competitive or cooperative. Can be played as a solo puzzle, 2 players or a party game.

ACTOP stands for Ancient Construct Tower of the Philosopher. Japanese game title is 古代建築「賢者の塔」. It is a three dimensional stacking game where players build chimney shaped towers out of poly-cubes.
The game is played on an 8 square grid tile board. The game can be enjoyed regardless of how many players are available.
ACTOP is fun to play alone as a puzzle, with two players or with several players as a party game. Whether you choose to play competitively or cooperatively, the game requires strategy combined with balance and a nimble touch. To try a more difficult variation, add an element of chance to the game by randomly determining which poly-cube piece must be played on each turn. This is accomplished by starting with the scoring tiles upside down. Each player draws a tile at the beginning of each turn to determine the type of poly-cube they must play.
The variety of ways to play ACTOP will keep you coming back for more!

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I made huge ACTOP for event attraction. The tower will be built over six feet.
Click to go information page about making process and event photos.

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