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Home Made Game

home-made-game2: Eraser golf

Eraser golf is to flick your eraser onto the high score circle and compete the total score.

Preparation: An eraser, a paper and color pens.

At first you make score circles on the paper by color pens. It is better there are many various scores.

Play: Put your eraser at the edge of paper and flick it by finger. The circle mark that your eraser stopped is score.
Eraser must be within the paper completely, then player gets 1 point. When a part of eraser is out of paper, then the player can't get score.

When your eraser stopped on the two or more score circles, then lower or lowest point is your score. You get -(minus)3 points at below photo.

Winner: Each player take their three turns and who gets highest score wins the game.

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