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Home Made Game

home-made-game6: Dice calculation

This is calculation game we use dice and arithmetic cards.

Preparation: You make four kind of arithmetic card and prepare 5 dice.

Play: Each player competes highest score to play own turn. Player casts a first die at first, then place any one arithmetic card he/she likes and cast second die. Calculate those numbers at once.
He/she repeats 4 times (to use 4 arithmetic cards) this calculations and he/she gets final score.
Calculation occurs at every casting, not mathematical formula rule.
When player use division card is very risky. Because if he/she can't get even number by division card, his/her calculation is failed, then he/she loses the game.

If you don't have many dice and arithmetic cards, so you may write calculation on the paper like above.

Winner: Player who gets highest score wins the game.

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